Workshops: Open the Door

Sanctuary offers workshops developed and delivered to create a safe place for everyone to engage in learning and become more confident in leading and responding to mental healthy recovery in the community. Workshops open up conversations, provide information for frequently asked questions and build the confidence of the community to Be Christ's Love and Light for people whose lives are affected by mental health issues.


Series 1 workshops:

a. What is Mental Health?

b. The Recovery Journey

c. Managing Me, Loving You


Series 2 workshops:

a. Responding in Crisis

b. Accompanying Another

c. Companioning


Series 3 workshops: 

a. Vision a Way forward through the development and implementation of Mental Health Ministries or Mental Health Action Committees

b. Equip your People with training for clergy, lay leaders and peer support facilitators.


Workshops are fee for service. Through the generosity of donors, grants and denominational supports, Sanctuary can help a faith community find timely and cost-efficient ways to prepare people of faith to support the mental well-being of their community.

Learning to support mental health recovery in the community is a journey. Sanctuary honors the process by walking with churches and parishes step by step, at the pace that meets the needs of the community.

Meet with us to Lay the Foundation, Open the Door, Vision a Way and Equip your People.  

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