Faith-based Peer Support

Sanctuary's peer support groups are for people who recognize God's love and presence as a source of healing and hope in their lives. The Mental Health Commission of Canada identifies peer support as "a supportive relationship between people who have lived experience in common . . . what matters is the peer's experiences and perceptions, and a willingness to help others explore the paths toward recovery and well-being."

Living Room* is a peer support group for people with depression, anxiety, bipolar and psychotic disorders.  

Family Room is a peer support group for family, friends and caregivers.

Members come together to improve their understanding of mental health, mental illness and recovery in the community, to share stories of faith, hope and healing and to listen to and accompany others.

Through group participation members discover they are not alone.

Living Room and Family Room are Christ-centered ministries founded on the belief that people who have a faith need a place where they can discuss their faith and mental health.

Living Room is the only place where I can talk openly about everything that’s on my mind. It’s easier to talk to the people here than it is to my psychiatrist or therapist.

At Living Room I learned to accept my disorder. I found out there are others like me. I’m an OK person. - participant's quote

Living Rooms and Family Rooms are sponsored by churches with formation and facilitation support from Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries. 

To learn more about starting a Peer Support group contact us now at and a member of the Sanctuary team will be in touch with you. You can also call us at 778-836-HOPE (4673).

Living Room resources, click here

Family Room resources, click here.


*Name coined by Dr. John Toews, author of No Longer Alone: Mental Health and the Church (Herald Press, 1995).



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