If you are an individual seeking support for your own mental health recovery, check out the resources page.

Do people in your faith community talk about mental health?

Do you have a faith-filled response to mental health issues?

Do your leaders know where to access faith and mental health resources in the community?

Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries offers:

  • Mental health seminars
  • Biblically-based messages and sermons
  • Workshops to meet the needs of your community
  • Living Room and Family Room facilitators training and group support
  • Clergy, ministry teams, staff and lay leaders training
  • Faith-based resources and community referrals

to assist faith communities support mental health matters in the church and parish. Sanctuary's BE LOVE process starts with a conversation is supported by sermons, seminars and/or workshops and ministry approaches to support the unique needs of the denomination, church and/or parish.

For more information about preparing people of faith to support mental health recovery in the community visit the OFFERINGS pages on this website or phone or e-mail us.



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