At Sanctuary we collect resources in multiple formats i.e. books, videos, documents, other. Resources in this section have been gathered and are shared here for information purposes only (adherence to copyright clauses apply).  Use at your discretion and as aligns with your theological beliefs and community needs.

If your visit here is for emergency purposes call 911 or emergency services in your community.

Also available here are local (BC based) services
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Below are a few resources to get you started. We encourage you to browse through the books, videos and other websites pages here. If you have a resource you want to share please let us know.

Sanctuary prepares people of faith to support mental health recovery in their recovery. Sanctuary does not provide counselling or advice. If you or someone you know requires mental health services please contact your mental health or regional health provider for services.

Mental Health Liturgy – A Prayer for Mental Health: [PDF]

The Church’s response to Depression: Play (MP3 Audio)


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