Fully Alive Youth (formerly referred to as Youth Alive) is a six lesson series for youth pastors to incorporate into their age 12 - 17 programming.

Lessons and Topics: 


Lessons 1 and 2.
Minds Matter: Let's Talk 

Lessons 3 and 4.
Are You Okay? Self-Care and Relationships

Lessons 5 and 6.
You Are Not Alone - You, Faith and Community

Youth and pastors will complete the lessons feeling more comfortable having - 

- healthy conversations about mental health

- sourcing support for mental health care and recovery

- walking alongside someone in need

Lessons stand alone making them an ideal resource when wanting to respond to a situation in the church or community, and/or can be delivered as a series. Lessons include youth-engaging content and exercises.

If you are interested in piloting this program at your church or in your faith group please contact Project Lead, Catherine.Dillon@sanctuary-ministries.com or call us at 778.836.4673.

This program is made possible with funding from ProVision and Seeds of Hope grant funds (United Church of Canada). 







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